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Smart Locksmith

Be smart! choose an established brand to replicate the key of your Smart car


If you are in Lenexa and have lost the key to your Smart car, our Smart locksmith experts will be happy to help. Whether your transponder is broken or you have a damaged key in the ignition, you can bank on us to come up with a sustainable solution at a reasonable rate. Our foremost priority is ensuring customer satisfaction; everything else follows.

We understand that there can be structural and other differences between Smart car lock and key systems and locking systems of other cars. Rest assured, experts with experience of working on Smart car lock and key systems will be assigned to your project. Trained to diagnose different locksmith lock and key issues, our experts will come up with an action plan to address pain points.

Why replacing Smart car keys is tricky

Many locksmiths will have no problems replicating keys of other cars. However, you may experience challenges finding an expert who can replicate your lost Smart car keys. Both Forfour and Fortwo (Smart car models) are relatively new entrants in the market, which is why not much is known about their lock and key systems.

At Lock and Key Expert, we are smitten by the cute and compact design of Smart cars. Since Daimler-Benz released the first model, our Smart locksmiths have invested considerable time and effort in studying the design and functioning of these cars lock and key systems. Our efforts bore fruit, and today we are one of the select few experts that specialize in replicating Smart car keys.

Options when you lose your Smart Fortwo key

When you lose your Smart Fortwo key, you have two options you can either get a factory remote key or opt to have a copy of your original key made.

Factory remote key

If you were using an OEM remote head key, you might want to get a factory remote key. A remote key allows you to lock or unlock your doors conveniently. A significant downside of opting for a remote key is that you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket.

Key replacement

With us by your side, you don’t have to spend more. Equipped with necessary know-how and tools of the trade, our car locksmith experts will make a copy of your original key that will function and look just like the original.

Why contacting your dealer for a duplicate key is a bad idea.

Many car owners prefer going back to their dealer to get a copy of their lost Smart car key. What they don’t realize is that most dealers require their clients to understand their vehicle towed to their office, which increases the cost burden on the already distressed car owner. Even if the dealer offers towing service, rest assured they’ll charge extra for it.

At Smart Lock and Key Expert, we firmly believe that all this inconvenience is not worth it. We deploy mobile teams in major areas of Lenexa. These teams use fully equipped GPS enabled vans that help them respond swiftly to service requests by displaying the customer’s exact location.

Our team

We have invested considerable time and efforts in building our team. Every member of our service team is a subject matter expert who knows a thing or two about Smart car lock and key systems. These professionals have helped numerous Smart car owner in our community; there is no reason why they can’t help you out.

Whoever said that good things come in small packages was talking about Smart cars. Smart cars are fun to drive and have a unique appeal. Our Smart locksmiths exist to ensure that a lost key is the least of your concerns and you can enjoy your Smart car to the fullest.

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