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Your Luxurious Infiniti Needs Only the Best Lenexa Infiniti Locksmith


Lock and Key Expert offers professional Infiniti locksmith services to Infiniti drivers in Lenexa. Our mobile, on-site service saves you time and minimizes downtime.

Call us if you need:

  • Car key replacement
  • Key programming
  • Broken key extraction
  • Trunk and toolbox unlock
  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Key fob repair and replacement
  • Car keys made for luxury models

How well do you know your Infiniti key?

Depending on your car’s model year, you may have a simple metal key that doesn’t need programming, a key with a transponder chip located inside the cover on top, or a remote push-to-start key resembling a remote that contains a chip. Keys with chips will need to be programmed.

If your key has a plastic cover on top or was made after 2000, it likely has a chip. So, it will need to be programmed on-site to get your car started.

How soon can we make a duplicate key for your Infiniti?

The time taken to create a duplicate key depends on the car model and year. The process is faster when codes are available. If your car contains a chip, it will also need to be programmed.

Whether you’re stuck in a lockout situation or you need a duplicate key made in advance, we can get it done quickly and reliably. Our experienced locksmith will arrive on-site to cut the key or deliver the key on the promised day if you’re not in a hurry to get a new key.

How much can you expect to pay for a replacement Infiniti key?

You can estimate costs depending on your vehicle’s specifications, such as the model, model year, and type of key being replaced. Prices will vary across a standard key, transponder key, remote key and smart key. We provide affordable Infiniti locksmith services in Lenexa. 

We are experienced in all Infiniti models

We have performed a variety of lock and key repair and replacement work for all types of Infiniti models, from EX35, FX45, G37, I35, JX35 and M37 to M56, Q40, G35, I30, QX4, QX50 and QX70. Whether you need a replacement smart key, transponder key or keyless entry remote fob, we can be of valuable assistance.

Infiniti remote replacement and key fob replacement

The remote that functions as a key to open and lock your car will need to be programmed. Car locksmiths in Lenexa will charge you for programming the key, and the job will not involve cutting a key as there is no physical key to cut.

Many Nissan and Infiniti models have key fobs. The fob holds the manual keys to your car’s doors as well as serves as the car’s remote. Key fob replacement for your Infiniti will include programming, cutting and buying a specific type of car key. Any issue with the key fob needs to be handled by a professional locksmith overland park.

Infiniti ignition repair and replacement

Ignition issues are common across all automotive brands. When the ignition does not work, car owners tend to replace their vehicle batteries. But this may not always be the right solution. Having the ignition switch repaired or replaced may be necessary to solve the problem.

Our auto lock repair and replacement technicians are well-versed in resolving issues with Infiniti cars’ ignition. We can carry out the job at your site using parts and tools we carry in our mobile vans.

When facing an issue with your Infiniti’s ignition, check if your car key lies completely flat. With the key flat, try starting your vehicle with it. Also turn your vehicle’s steering wheel to see if it helps the situation. It is possible that the keyway of the ignition cylinder is jammed up. Clean and lubricate the lock to address the issue. If none of these methods work, it is best to call our professional car locksmith.

Lock and Key Expert can rekey car locks of all Infiniti models. We also disable previous keys by resetting your car’s computer.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city Contact us today to learn more about our  Infiniti locksmith services.

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