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Need Copies of Your Porsche Keys Made Urgently? Our Porsche Locksmith Can Help


Are your lost Porsche keys keeping you awake at nights? Why stress, when our Porsche locksmiths are here to help. All you need to do is register a service request with us. Once we have a clear picture regarding the nature of the problem you are facing, we will pass on the case to the mobile unit stationed nearest to you. Equipped with the latest locksmith tools, our teams use mobile vans with GPS to triangulate the customer’s location.

Not all Porches keys are the same. While old models use conventional metallic/mechanical keys, their modern counterparts come with remotes and key fobs that use a chip to function. To ensure every Porsche owner gets expert help in a timely fashion, we employ expert locksmiths with hands-on experience of cutting and programming keys.

Hiring an amateur to get copies of your original Porsche keys is a bad idea

Porsche is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Porsche AG is credited with designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced cars on the streets today. Porsche cars feature complex central locking systems with many parts and subparts. To successfully design a copy, a car locksmith must understand how the locking system works.

Relying on an amateur to get a solution to your problem is a waste of time. Additionally, the novice, when trying to get into the car, can cause severe damage to your prized possession’s body. Trust us when we say, the risk is not worth taking. Instead, give us a call, and we will make sure that you don’t have to wait for too long to start using your car.

When hiring an expert, we check their theoretical and practical knowledge. Every professional has to prove that they know everything there is to know about the functioning and design of different types of Porsche lock and critical systems.

Cutting vs. programming a key

Old Porsche models use metallic/mechanical keys. There is nothing fancy or sophisticated about these simple keys, however, that does not mean every Tom, Dick, and Harry can cut a mechanical key. The locksmith has to be very precise with their calculations. Any wrong step and they may be forced to start afresh, which can be frustrating both for the locksmith and the car owner.

Our Porsche locksmith experts have created several Porsche key duplicates till date and know how to go about the job. These professionals understand the things to watch out for when cutting a key and visualize the impact of their every step when working on an action plan.

Modern Porsche models come with key fobs that use a chip to communicate with the car’s locking system. Copying a key fob is a tricky task. The locksmith has first to cut the key and then program it. Our Porsche locksmith experts have hands-on experience of programming key fobs. Plus you don’t have to get the vehicle towed to our office. Just give us a call and wait for our expert team to get to you.

While you wait, don’t try to take matters into your own hands, as even a seemingly innocuous mistake can cause irreversible damage. We assure you that our Porsche locksmith team will get to you in the minimum possible time.

Show some love to your Porsche.

Porsches are amazing cars. Every model has a unique story to tell and a legacy of excellence. Nothing pains us more than seeing a Porsche parked in a garage just because the owner lost their car keys. We, like all Porsche lovers, love watching these beauties burn rubber and are committed to helping every Porsche owner who needs copies of their original keys made urgently.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give a call to Porsche locksmith at Lock and Key Expert to manage your car key requirements reliably and cost-effectively.

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