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Need a Chevrolet Locksmith, car key replacement in Lenexa? Lock and Key Expert in Lenexa offer the best solutions backed by decades of experience in handling all models, makes, and year of Chevrolet.

As your ‘go to’ Chevrolet brand lock expert, we offer lost Chevrolet car key replacement and efficient solutions for ignition, remote, and fobs related problems.

Are all Chevrolet car keys the same?

Originally, Chevrolet used a six cut key system which later evolved to ten cut system. With the six cut key, the owner needed two separate keys for the ignition and the door. The ten cut key made it easier for owners to keep track of their car keys. If you own an old model of Chevrolet with a non-transponder key, our Chevrolet locksmith can manually cut the replacement key by taking apart the dashboard or ignition.

The transponder keys feature a computer chip that is programmed to the main computer of the vehicle to be able to function. This is an added layer of security that protects against theft. Even when your Chevrolet car key gets stolen or copied, they will not be able to start the vehicle without the transponder key. The transponder keys are not the same as remote car keys. While the latter allows you to lock, start, or unlock the car remotely, all Chevrolet models may not have transponder keys with remote function.

The latest key system in Chevrolet vehicles is the remote flip key which lets you remotely lock, unlock, or open the trunk. The flip key has both remote function and a transponder chip that is programmed to ensure proper functionality of the cut key. Replacing the flip key needs special training and the use of the latest tools with no DIY (Do it yourself) options.

The leading Chevrolet brand lock expert

From Impala to Silverado, Corvette to Cruze, Lock and Key Expert in Lenexa,KS is highly experienced in repairs and replacements of all types of keys in different models. We have successfully carried out Chevrolet car key replacement for older models as well as the latest ones that include a flip key, including Bolt, Beretta, Captiva, Cobalt, Corsica, Spectrum, Sprint, Nova, Optra, Aveo, Sonic, Impala and many more.

Our car locksmith have a deep understanding of all the Chevrolet models, and the types of keys each model or make has, which helps us to diagnose and resolve the problem in quick time.

For instance, while Chevrolet Silverado has eight different types of keys with the older models between the year 1991 to 2007 having five types of non-transponder keys, models between 2007 and 2019 have two types of transponder chip keys, and the 2014 to 2019 models come with a remote key fob. If you own a 1998 Chevrolet Suburban, the replacement key does not need to be programmed, while the 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe key needs programming.

Your one-stop emergency Chevrolet locksmith in Lenexa

Losing your precious Chevrolet car key is not fun! While your dealership may be far away, you have the additional concern of moving your car to that location to get a replacement.

Whether you have lost your Chevrolet key or facing problems with a damaged ignition, broken key or the transponder key not functioning, we are just a call away. As the trusted emergency Chevrolet auto locksmith in Lenexa, we reach your location in a matter of minutes as our high-tech, GPS-enabled vans are strategically placed across the city. Whether it is manual key cutting for older Chevy models or re-programming of new transponder keys, our Chevrolet locksmith have the right tools and skills for any type of Chevrolet car key replacement in Lenexa.

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