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Lock and Key Expert is a leading Isuzu locksmith serving Lenexa. We offer a range of services, including emergency assistance at the customer’s location.

Ignition repair and replacement

When the lock cylinder in the ignition fails, your car won’t start. You won’t be able to insert the key into the ignition. Or the key may not turn on the ignition switch after repeated attempts.

If the problem is not with your Isuzu’s key, but its lock, Lock and Key Expert’s ignition repair and replacement is exactly what you need. We can fix or replace the lock mechanism to get your car back on the road quickly.
Save the costs of towing your car to the dealership or nearest auto repair service. Our mobile Isuzu locksmith can resolve problems with your ignition at your site, and perhaps at a lower price too.

Isuzu key programming

Drive an Isuzu that has a transponder key? Any problem with the key will require intervention from a professional locksmith. Lock and Key Expert is a one-stop provider in Lenexa for Isuzu key programming. During urgent situations, we can arrive at your location in our fully-equipped mobile van.

Programming an Isuzu key requires 4-digit pin numbers. The right tools are necessary to provide a replacement key. With knowledge of your Isuzu model, we can remove the immobilizer to find out the pin for programming.
You need a replacement key that is programmed to your car. This will be your new key that you can start using, while your old key will no longer work on your vehicle. If you only need a spare key and not a replacement key, pur car locksmith can be of assistance.

Trunk and tool box unlock

Locked your key inside your Isuzu’s trunk? Our Isuzu locksmiths can provide a spare key to unlock your trunk and retrieve the key. When you realize that you have left your car keys in your trunk and don’t have a spare set on you, try one of these things:

  • Use the trunk release button inside your car (check your glove box, the left of the steering wheel, underside of the steering wheel, a lever on the driver’s side floor or inside the middle console).
  • If the rear seats can be folded down, you can make your way into the trunk and get to the keys.
  • It is possible to override the trunk’s locking mechanism, but the process must be aligned to the specific model and you may also need a battery source. This is unviable for most drivers.

We can open the lock quickly and at a reasonable price. It beats the stress and waste of time unsuccessfully attempting to unlock the trunk yourself.

High security laser cut keys and smart keys

Laser keys offer a greater security for cars than previous key systems. But their advanced construction also means that duplicating these keys is difficult. Specialty keys are embedded with pre-programmed transponder chips that communicate with your car’s system. As it is tougher to pick the locks of high-security laser keys and smart keys, locksmiths may charge a higher fee for these jobs. It requires both expertise and expensive tools to carry out this service.

Ignition repair and replacement

Many ignition problems can be traced to the ignition lock cylinder. Usually, repair involves replacing a wire or a small component inside the lock cylinder. Sometimes, more complex work may be required.

If the lock cylinder has worn down or suffered damage, then replacement will become necessary. Isuzu locksmith is a trusted source for ignition replacement for Isuzu cars at more affordable prices than a dealership or auto mechanic.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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