Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Losing a key, getting a key chipped, or getting the key stuck in the lock is a highly stressful and problematic situation. You might get stranded with your car not being able to operate it, or you might not be able to lock the main door to your house. Any such situation puts you at risk, and at Lock and Key Expert, we do not believe in compromising with your security.

Our expert locksmiths are trained to deal with several key problems such as stuck keys, chipped keys, key duplication, lost keys, and more, and even different varieties of keys including motorcycle keys, semi-truck keys, high-security keys, laser cut keys, mailbox keys for antique furniture, residential keys, automotive keys, boat keys, and more. All you need to do is place a quick call and request for one of our highly-trained locksmiths to come and get you out of your fix.

Automotive key cutting

Automotive key cutting services in no time

Even though you can get your car or motorcycle keys replaced from your dealership, it takes way too much time for the replacement to come in. The replacement is also costly, and you need to take the automobile to the dealership to be able to get a replacement. Our Car Locksmith, At Lock and Key Expert offers key cutting services at competitive prices. We do not believe in charging you more than the job requires, and our services are lightning-fast.

Be it your motorcycle keys, semi-truck keys, boat keys, or car keys, our expert locksmiths are trained to cut even the most technologically advanced set of keys. They can quickly analyze the type of key they are dealing with. Even high-security keys, such as programmed keys, can be cut by our highly trained locksmiths.

High security and laser cut keys for residential and commercial purposes

Nowadays, a good number of people are opting for high-security keys and laser cut keys. People do not like to compromise with their security and wish to secure themselves, their offices, and their cars with the best locking mechanisms available in the market.

Lock and Key Expert have solutions to deal with high-tech and high-security malfunctioning locks and keys as well. We can easily reprogram the locks and keys. It is extremely hard to make copies of laser cut keys, but our expert locksmiths can cut laser cut keys and prepare their duplicates as well.

Now, every residential and office key that has been cut with a laser or is programmed with an alarm system can be duplicated too. We do not believe in putting you at risk, and so keep no copies of such keys with us. Once prepared, all keys are handed over to you.

Automotive Locksmith in Kansas

Mailbox keys for antique furniture

Our expertise lies not just in automotive, residential, and commercial locks and keys but also in traditional locks and keys such as mailbox keys for antique furniture and more. These locking mechanisms are old yet sturdy and require an expert set of hands to crack them open or make a duplicate of the original keys. At Lock and Key Expert, you can rest assured that mailbox keys will never be an issue for you.

Be it keys to antique furniture or highly advanced programmed and laser cut keys, key cutting is an extremely difficult process to do and requires precision and training.

Our highly trained expert automotive locksmiths at Lock and Key Expert Lenexa are great at what they do, provide quick and agile services, and do so by not getting in your way. 

If you ever wondered “How can I find a reliable mobile locksmith near me?” LOCK AND KEY EXPERT is the locksmith company you’re looking for.

We have experience installing locks of all types and help with a variety of lock-related problems. Call us today!

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