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Lock and Key Expert is a locally owned and operated locksmith service serving Lenexa and surrounding areas. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company delivering mobile and emergency locksmith services at residences and commercial establishments throughout the city.

Early beginnings

Our company was established by ‘Lock and Key Expert’ to help Lenexa residents secure their properties with quality locks and resolve their automobile or property lockout situations quickly and conveniently.

Although security systems have come a long way, the basic lock and key system continue securing material assets reliably. However, there are times when a broken lock, misplaced door or safe key or damaged transponder can pose a risk or cause inconvenience. Lock and Key Expert was formed to perform quality installations, solve problems and help property owners enjoy the highest level of protection, such as through restricted key systems.

Mobile services for emergency support: We are Lenexa’s fastest locksmith

Lock and Key Expert offers mobile locksmith services to attend to urgent requests in the fastest possible time. We arrive at the ‘distress area’ sooner than the competition thanks to our GPS-equipped vans and our strategic placement of standby vans encompassing various areas of the city.

We are also able to complete jobs in less than an hour, depending on the nature and complexity of the project. Our locksmiths don’t rush with the job or give you incomplete information. We don’t install locks manufactured to low standards or promote some brands over others.

Our mission

 It is our mission to deliver professional locksmith services backed by a warranty on products and quality of workmanship. We have designed our services to reflect our commitment to customer service excellence and grow our reputation as one of Lenexa’s most reliable mobile locksmiths. With the power of Lock and Key Expert’s talented technicians, we are able to provide customers with fast service and excellent value for money.

 Our vision

 We envision a future where we are one of the leading locksmiths in Kansas, boasting a statewide presence. Although we aspire to become a recognized brand in the state, we will continue a service model of staying local to the communities we serve. Our vans equipped with locks, keys, and equipment will cover all four corners and surrounding areas of major Kansas cities.

 Our values

We are driven by values of honesty, integrity, and equality. We regard every customer with respect and only leave the service site after getting the job done or offering an appropriate resolution. Under no circumstances do we discriminate against people based on color, religion or ethnicity. Our employees are trained in the best practices of customer service and motivated to exceed expectations.

Our services

 Lock and Key Expert offers automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services.

Car Locksmith

Whether your key has broken in the ignition, you cannot find your spare set of keys or your transponder is damaged, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians are well-versed in all makes and models of cars and vans.

Residential Locksmith

We have cut new keys and fit keys to operate the existing combination of a lock for our residential customers. Homeowners, landlords, and property managers have also trusted us to install quality locks to ensure robust security for their property and its belongings.

Our mission : A problem with standard keys is that they can be copied, stolen or misplaced, posing the risk of unauthorized access to your business. We can help you set up a restricted key system for optimal security and peace of mind.

Our people

We are proud of our employees, all of whom have been hired not just for their skill but also their passion for the job. We perform background checks, provide thorough training and offer competitive benefits to keep staff motivated, happy and rearing to go!

Have you ever wondered “How can I find a reliable mobile locksmith near me?” LOCK AND KEY EXPERT is the locksmith company you’re looking for.

We have experience installing locks of all types and help with a variety of lock-related problems. Call us today! 913-335-2372

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