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Have you lost Suzuki keys and are unable to enter your own car? Relax! Just give us a call, and we will dispatch an expert team comprising of Suzuki locksmiths to your location. Equipped with years of experience of working on different Suzuki models, our expert team will first check whether your car requires diagnostics or was using a key that can be cut or cloned. Based on their findings, our experts will come up with an action plan to address the problem at hand.

No matter whether you have a Vitara, Baleno, or Ignis, you can trust us to come up with a solution. We are against the idea of one size fits all, and consider various factors such as the make and model of the car, its condition, and the status of the ignition (whether it has been changed in the past) when creating an action plan.

Types of Suzuki car keys

Fob car keys

Fob car keys or remote push to start keys contain a chip. If you lose a fob car key, you may have to get it programmed.

Most modern Suzuki models (those manufactured after 2000) include a transponder chip that is located inside a cover. Every transponder chip has a unique serial number that is sent to the car’s system for validation every time a person wants to start the vehicle. If the car doesn’t recognize the chip’s serial number, it won’t turn off the immobilizer, preventing the engine from getting started.

If you need a copy of a key with a transponder chip, remember that it has to be programmed correctly. Our team of Suzuki automotive locksmiths has programmed various keys and can help you avoid inconvenience by doing the job right the first time. Unlike amateurs, we know our job and assure you of coming up with a solution.

Non-transponder/mechanical keys

Non-transponder/mechanical keys are simple metallic keys that do not include any chip. They are easier to replicate than remotes and key fobs with a transponder chip. That said, you will still need an Suzuki locksmith expert by your side, as the person will have to accurately cut the key, which is not an amateur’s cup of tea.

Why getting a duplicate key from your dealer is a bad idea

Many car owners prefer getting a duplicate key from their dealer. While many drivers think this is the only option that has, others believe that car locksmith experts are not qualified enough for the job.

Most dealers ask their customers who want them to make a copy of their original Suzuki car key to get the vehicle towed to their office. Before taking this path, think about the towing charges. With us by your side, forget the hassle of getting your car towed. After you register a service request with us, the mobile team in your area will respond swiftly to ensure you don’t have to wait too long to get a solution.

Rest assured, your prized possession will be in safe hands. All our automotive locksmiths are highly trained and experienced professionals who know a thing or two about Suzuki lock and key mechanisms. We are licensed to offer Suzuki locksmith services in Lenexa Kansas and the surrounding area and are also bonded to help customers avoid losses in case anything goes wrong.

Your one-stop shop for automotive locksmith services

We offer a range of automotive locksmith services under one roof. Whether you have lost your metallic key or have a damaged key fob that uses a chip, we got you covered. We charge a lower rate than dealerships. That, however, does not mean we cut corners. Our expert Suzuki locksmiths are always ready and fully equipped to face challenges head-on.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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