Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

deadbolt locks Deadbolt Lock is the main line of defence against burglars and a classic choice when it comes to your security. These locks are different from the old spring locks as they merely hold the bolt in place with a spring. These make the door secured with a large thick metal bolt. Picking these kinds of locks is almost impossible for intruders to break through . Because these also require a significant amount of force or a push which in turn makes noise keeping the building alerted. Doors with deadbolt locks resist forced entry as they are not easily battered. You can definitely rely on Lock and Key Expert, for high quality lock solutions who will be there for your assistance 24-hours.

What are the types of deadbolts :

There are different styles of deadbolts but the most common types are single cylinder and double cylinder. While the single cylinders have locking mechanisms that need the key for the single side on the exterior of the door’s face, double cylinders feature both sides.

Double cylinders ensure additional security.These are often used for improving security on windows making it hard for burglars to reach through the glass and access the entry to your space. These feature holes on both the side so the only way to operate it is with a mechanical key. It might be a restriction in case of fire hazard as a key is always needed to access the door whether you are inside or outside the property. Such locks are reasonable, efficient, time saving and user friendly for everyone.

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Deadbolt Lock Installation for Your Personal or Business Property

At Lock and Key Expert, we have the real-time experience of installation of deadbolt locks. Our team of skilled professionals will install every deadbolt in your home or office quickly to meet your requirements.

For personal property, we suggest a single cylinder deadbolt lock. Such lock is activated with a key on the exterior side of the door and a thumb turn piece on the interior side. Thus, make it nearly impossible for burglars or invaders to pass through even during emergencies.A deadbolt lock ensures the safety and security of your home and takes care of your home and dear ones..

For business property, a double cylinder deadbolt lock shall be a suitable choice and highly recommended. Such locks need keys to access the door from the inside or outside. Thus, even when an intruder breaks a window , they can’t turn the double cylinder deadbolt open. It works the same way as the single cylinder. The difference is, both sides of the lock must have a key to move the bolt into a fixed position.

Why go for Lock and Key Expert?

If you have a deadbolt lock already installed at your place but it is not working properly, feel free to get in touch with us for assistance.Our customers can rely on us for:

• 24/7 availability
• lesser time possible within an hour
• Upfront pricing
• Fully licensed, insured and bonded
• Expert technicians with real-time experience
• Mobile locksmiths equipped with latest tools

We offer top quality Deadbolt Lock Services and our team strives to fulfill your requirement with the best fit for you to achieve a confident sense of security. Along with that , we can make you an appropriate number of keys and complete every step in the security process.

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