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Need a replica of your original Mini car key? Let our expert Mini locksmith help


If you have ever lost your Mini car key, you know how inconvenient it can be. Not only are you unable to drive the vehicle, but also cannot get inside it to retrieve relevant documents, tools, or other items.

At Lock and Key Expert, our Mini locksmiths are committed to helping our community members avoid inconvenience due to a damaged or lost Mini car key. We have a team of Mini car key experts that is adept at handling any lock and key problem haunting Mini cars. No matter the model you own, we will have a solution for you.

Key duplication: Why you need a Mini expert?

In 1994, BMW acquired the Mini marque. Since then BMW has been designing and manufacturing Mini cars. BMW cars are known for their advanced technology; Mini is no exception. Mini cars not only look cute and are fun to drive but also include a sophisticated central locking system.

Trusting an amateur to replicate a lost Mini key is not only a waste of time but can also spell doom for your car. Frequently amateurs have no idea of what they are doing. They try different methods, hoping that one of them works. Before you know, you can have a damaged ignition or other car problems.

To show love to your car, steer clear of amateurs. You need a Mini car key expert who can come up with a sustainable solution. Our team of Mini experts has hands-on experience of working on different Mini models. Because BMW keeps on coming up with new technologies, our Mini locksmith team is always on its toe, keeping a close watch on updates. No matter whether you have an old Mini or are using the latest model with the newest lock and key system, we got you covered.

Our services

Mini car key replacement

Our car locksmith experts are adept at crafting new Mini sets. We are usually able to provide a replacement within an hour. Our mobile units are stationed at strategic locations throughout the city. These units use GPS equipped vans that help them save time by tracking the exact location of the customer.

Remote programing

If you have a key fob that refuses to work, there are good chances that its transponder is damaged or broken and will have to be programmed. The programming can differ based on the car’s model and make, which makes it a tricky task. Our Mini locksmith experts in Kansas are adept at programming keys and will come up with a solution that does not only look good on paper but also works. We charge lesser rates than dealers and are fully equipped to face any challenge head on.

Broken or snapped key extraction

We get multiple distress calls from frantic drivers with a stuck or snapped the key in the ignition regularly. If you are facing the problem, do not panic or try to take matters into your own hand. Give us a call and wait for our team to arrive at your location. Once our car locksmith experts get there, they will come up with an action plan to get inside your car without causing any damage.

With us by your side, a solution is around the corner.

We aren’t afraid of pushing the envelope to ensure every member from the awesome community of Mini owners get a solution to their problem at their, and not our terms. We are your next door, friendly Mini locksmiths. More than just locksmiths, we, like you, are ardent Mini fans and firmly believe that a Mini looks much better on the street than parked in a garage.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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