Biometric Locks

Now integrate contactless attendance and keep the workplace safer than ever

biometric locks

Biometric locks are stronger identification methods than normal physical keys, key cards and PINs. A physical key can be easily lost, misplaced or get misused by an unauthorized intruder, your fingerprint is something very unique and secured to be used to access the door lock. It is a great idea to choose fingerprint biometric locks for keeping doors restricted to authorized staff only. Due to high-tech advancements, the current high-security trends are more biometric lock driven in recent times.

We at Lock and Key Expert have years of experience in installing the high quality and customized biometric control access systems at your residential and commercial premises with 24 hour availability.

Biometric Access Control Services :

We are specialized in providing biometric access control services with long lasting  and customized protection for your business property, industrial area, commercial complex, etc. Our biometric systems are the strong authorization platforms for giving access to various doors through fingerprint, retinal, or face recognition technology. This process eliminates the need for key code panels, access control cards, and old key lock systems. 

With the installation of Biometric Access control services in your local area , you can keep your workplace safer than ever by wiping out the need to touch communal surfaces like fingerprint time clocks, etc. Facial recognition based biometric feature identifies the staff member as he/she walks up to the I-Pad and automatically identifies him/ her within seconds.

As a business owner, you can sort out payroll issues that shall upset employees and ruin their credibility as a business entity with wage/ labourers as proxies are common issues which companies face on a daily basis.

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What do we ensure ?

Our biometric access solutions also helps in determining technical features of audit  reports, time and attendance reporting system, fingerprint and face recognition systems, etc ensuring the following factors :

  •         Service with a smile
  •         High security & assurance
  •         Great user experience
  •         Competitive prices
  •         Customized services and facilities

Lock and Key Expert is one of the industry leading brands who offer advanced biometric lock services for full protection. Our team of professionals have real time experience and are fully certified to help you 24/7. So are you ready to get an advanced biometric lock system for ultra security?

Why go for Lock and Key Expert?

Our technicians have to undergo an in-depth training on how to use and work on some of the most advanced technologies to enhance your commercial security. Here at Lock and Key Expert, mobile locksmith services are offered to attend urgent requests in the fastest way possible. We arrive at the ‘distress area’ in no time as we have GPS-equipped vans and our strategic placement of standby vans encompassing various areas of the city. We are also able to complete jobs in less than an hour, our fast and reliable staff can virtually overcome any challenge regarding your security.

Our customers can rely on us for:

  • 24/7 availability
  • lesser time possible within an hour
  • Upfront pricing
  • Fully licensed, insured and bonded
  • Expert technicians with real-time experience
  • Mobile locksmiths equipped with latest tools
  • Installations and repairs using top brands

We offer an advanced range of biometric lock systems along with installation and maintenance services. Our team strives to fulfill your needs and budget with the best possible solution to every security hurdle.

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