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Get Smart Solutions From Ferrari Locksmith for Your Lost or Damaged Ferrari Car Key 


When you are a proud owner of a Ferrari, loss of the car key or the key getting stuck in the ignition can lead to some anxious moments. The quickest way of resolving the problem is to contact Lock and Key Expert, your local emergency Ferrari locksmith in Lenexa.

As a locally owned and operated emergency Ferrari auto locksmith in Lenexa, we get to you in quick time thanks to our strategically located, GPS-enabled mobile vans. No matter what the Ferrari model or make, our experts car locksmith have the right custom solution.

Keys are getting smarter

Car keys seem to have an annoying ability to disappear altogether. For car owners before 1990s, losing the car key wasn’t a big deal at all. Spare keys could be obtained at just about any locksmith shop or hardware store while it was easy to get to the car dealership. The keys used in these earlier models were also not complicated and required only manual cutting. While there were no complications in key systems, it was also easy for thieves to steal the car or copy the keys.

After the 1990s, as technology evolved, many car manufacturers introduced a transponder chip that was integrated into the plastic key head. This chip lets out signals to the ignition receiver or “immobilizer.” If the wrong key has been inserted in the ignition, the immobilizer can detect the variation in the signal and will not start the car. The transponder key has a chip that needs to be programmed before the vehicle can start.

Modern cars, including Ferrari, uses an electronic key fob, also known as a transmitter or remote keyless entry (RKE). Key fob, being an electronic device, enables the car to be remotely locked or unlocked without the use of a metal key. On pressing the fob button, a signal is sent to the automobile from the fob. While older models used infrared, recent Ferrari models use radio signals. Apart from locking and unlocking, many fobs are also designed to raise or lower windows, open the trunk, close or open the sunroof, and in some models, can start the vehicle as well.

What can go wrong with your Ferrari key?

If your Ferrari is refusing to respond to the key fob, there could be many reasons:

  • Your car is not recognizing the signal from the fob
  • The program has not been added to the car’s memory
  • The fob is not sending the signal and has stopped working
  • The fob is out of the signal range
  • The key is out of battery

Smart key, intelligent key, or proximity key goes beyond key fobs and function when a sensor is touched.  With the smart or intelligent key, the driver only has to wave the foot below the sensor of the vehicle to open or close the door, raise or lower sunroof, open the trunk or start the vehicle. Smart keys also enable push-start of the ignition button.

Laser-cut keys also have transponder chips built-in that need to be programmed by certified and trained Ferrari locksmiths.

Get the Lock and Key Expert advantage: Smarter solutions

Losing both the PIN and the key fob is quite common. As the most efficient emergency Ferrari locksmith in Lenexa, we have provided immediate assistance to many Ferrari models including Daytona, 250 GTO, Ferrari 275, 599 GTB, Ferrari F40, Ferrari C4, C1, Ferrari Ds5, Ferrari C4 Picasso, the Ferrari Ds4, and Ferrari Ds3.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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