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Your Subaru car key replacement from Subaru locksmith is just a phone call away


Are you unable to drive your Subaru because you lost its key? Relax! We got your back. After you register a service request with us, we will dispatch a Subaru locksmith team comprising of Subaru lock and key experts to your location. Equipped with subject matter knowledge and tools of the trade, these professionals will ensure that you get a solution when it matters the most.

When we say we only hire experts, we mean it. Every professional who wants to join our team has to go through an extensive screening process. Instead of taking everything that an applicant claims on face value, we conduct comprehensive background checks.

Types of Subaru keys

Fob car keys

Fob car keys, also known as fob remote push to start car keys are known for their compact and lightweight design. A fob car key usually looks like a remote. These keys come with a chip that is located inside the cover at the top.

If you want to get a new fob car key, programming would be required. Your dealer would require you to get your vehicle towed to their location. An economical alternative would be hiring an automotive locksmith who will come to your location to make a replacement.

Non-transponder/mechanical keys

Non-transponder/mechanical keys are simple metallic keys that do not consist of a chip and do not require programming. In case you have an older model and have changed the ignition before, your dealer may not have the original codes, which means the key won’t turn in the ignition.

No matter the type of key you are using, our Subaru locksmiths can provide a replacement. Rather than jumping to a conclusion, our professionals get to the root cause of the problem and come up with a concrete action plan to offer sustainable solutions that tick all the right boxes.

Why your ignition key won’t start

When your ignition key fails to work it can be due to

a)-A transponder key related issue; or

b)-A mechanical problem

So how to tell whether it’s a mechanical problem or a transponder key-related issue? The answer is simple. If your key turns in the ignition and the radio, lights, and signals are working, you have a transponder key-related issue. To get the issue addressed, give us a call immediately.

If, however, the lights, radio, and signals are not working, you may want to consult your mechanic.

If your key won’t turn in the ignition, it may have worn out. Our team of car locksmith can help address this problem.

The Lock and key Expert advantage

Expert Subaru locksmith team

Would you want a dental surgeon to conduct surgery to remove a tumor? Obviously no. So why choose a Saab or BMW expert to replicate your Subaru car keys. The design and functioning of lock and key systems of Subaru cars may differ significantly from that of cars by other manufacturers, which is why you need a Subaru locksmith expert by your side.

Competitive rates  

Profit-making has never been our primary objective. We exist to serve the awesome community of Subaru car owners. To help our customers avoid high dealership charges, we follow a competitive pricing strategy. Additionally, your dealer may ask you to get your vehicle towed to their office, we won’t. To ensure Subaru owners in Lenexa get a swift solution to their lock and key nightmares, we have deployed mobile units to different parts of the city.

We have a solution to all your Subaru car and key issues. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. Once you successfully register a service request with us, leave all your hassles to our expert Subaru locksmith team in Kansas.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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