BMW Locksmith

BMW Locksmith

Stuck in a sticky situation with your BMW car keys? Call us for BMW Locksmith

As a BMW locksmith, we are not far behind the dealers out there in terms of resolving car lock issues.
It gives you a sense of pride to see yourself sitting behind the wheels of a BMW, the dream car of so many auto enthusiasts out there. But there may come times when your BMW puts you through anxious moments.

Wondering how? It’s when your BMW car keys are lost, broken or stuck inside the car, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes at odd hours.

Such mishaps are unimaginably common, and they can disrupt your routine completely. Work, school, and daily errands may suffer a setback.

Your natural response to such a situation is obviously panic, but you need to realize that a little practical thinking on your part can get you out of it.

Whenever you find yourself in a mess like this, just give us, at Lock and Key Expert, a call. We are your trusted local emergency BMW locksmith in overland park.

Are you facing any of these problems with your BMW car keys? We are there to resolve

  • Lost BMW car keys: Your BMW car keys may slip out of your pocket, or you may leave them somewhere you cannot find. In such situations, all you want is a helping hand to get your car started. Fret not, we at Lock and Keys Expert can replace keys much faster than dealers.
  • Car lockout: It also happens that your BMW car key gets stuck in the ignition and you are locked out with your spare keys. Whether your car key has snapped or jammed in the ignition, our expert technicians can find a way into your vehicle without inflicting any damage. You can trust us.
  • Chipped BMW car keys: Since 1995, car keys are manufactured as transponder keys with embedded chips. The immobilizer of your car tracks the chip when you start the engine. If this chip gets damaged, you could be in a thick soup. But relax, we offer a programming service that can take you out of such a situation.

What sets us apart?


As your car locksmith in Lenexa, we are always focused on convenience. Our company maintains a fleet of fully-equipped, GPS-enabled service vans, which are positioned strategically across the city to be able to reach your location at the earliest. Our replacement key-making and programming process will consume at the most an hour of your time. You can grab a bite or run your errands while our BMW locksmith makes a new set of keys for you.


The charges for our services are far lesser than what a typical dealer would charge. If you visit a dealer, you may land up paying a whopping sum even for the simplest of services like tire rotation and oil changes. Let alone the replacement and programming of your BMW car keys. On the other hand, our pricing is fair for the convenience and efficiency you experience.

Modern equipment

As a BMW locksmith, we are not far behind the dealers out there in terms of equipment and diagnostic tools. We are well-equipped with all the tools we would need to replace or repair BMW car keys with perfection. Our technicians are well-versed with different BMW car models, whether they are coupes, sedans, sports cars, or convertibles, and can provide car unlock service or get your car started in no time. We guarantee you a thorough job without any compromise.

Don’t think you are alone when you are stuck in a sticky situation with your BMW car keys. You can give us a call whenever you require:

  • Key cutting
  • Broken key repairs
  • Remote repair
  • Transponder keys
  • Broken ignition repair
  • Immobilizer chip programming

We are available 24×7 at our Lenexa office.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city contact us at 913-335-2372 to schedule a BMW locksmith service.

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