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Lost or damaged the keys to your Volkswagen? We can help


Do you have a damaged Volkswagen key and are concerned about your car’s safety? Worry not! We are here to help. We employ a team of Volkswagen experts who don’t just know their job but also have hands-on experience of using every trick in the book to come up with sustainable solutions to regular as well as tricky lock and key problems.

We are your next door Volkswagen doctors. Our experts, just like health professionals, have a systematic approach. Instead of jumping to conclusions, we visualize the result of every step when coming up with an action plan.

Volkswagen key replacement cost

The cost of replacing your Volkswagen key will depend on the below factors.

The type of key

Old Volkswagen models use simple metallic or mechanical keys. In most cases, an expert auto locksmith will not face any difficulties replicating a mechanical key. If you were using a mechanical key, you could thank your stars as won’t have to spend a substantial amount to get a duplicate key.

Many modern Volkswagen models (cars manufactured after 2000), on the other hand, come with a fob remote push to start key that includes a chip. Some keys have a transponder chip. If you were using a key with a chip, you will have to get it programmed and can expect to pay more.

There are two ways to get a duplicate Volkswagen key.

You can either:

a)-Ask your dealer to replicate the key; or
b)-Hire an automotive locksmith to get the job done.

The problem with choosing a dealer is that you will have to pay more. Most dealers require their customers to get the vehicle towed to their location.

To avoid towing costs, consider hiring an automotive locksmith. At Lock and Key Expert, we understand the inconvenience of getting your Volkswagen towed. To help our customers avoid hassles, we have deployed mobile units at different locations throughout the city. These teams are always alert to respond to distress calls.

Additionally, if your VW ignition cylinder was changed before or your car is too old, your dealer may not be able to help you out as dealers keep the code for the original key up to a certain period.

Programming a new VW key

There are two steps involved in programming a new VW key.

Cutting the key

In the first step, we will cut the key in such a way that it fits your VW. To be able to do this, we will first have to get the key code using your VIN. Though this may sound easy, cutting a key is no child’s play as the locksmith has to be very accurate with their calculations.

Programming the remote

Once our experts cut the key, they will connect a programming machine to your car’s computer. The process is performed to ensure your car recognizes the new key.

Thinking of taking the DIY route to program your keys? Think again!

Just because you know a lot about your VW, does not mean you are qualified to program your keys. A particular programming machine is needed to program car remotes. We use programming machines and other equipment. Additionally, we rely on time tested methods and also keep on looking for better ways to get a job done.

We hate complacency and know that only those locksmiths who are willing to learn from their mistakes can survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive industry. We firmly believe that learning is a never-ending process. Our experts are always open to learning new technologies and processes. It is this attitude that helps us serve clients better.

If you’re searching for a locksmith near me in Kansas city give us a call.

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