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An access control system determines who has the access to enter or exit, where and when they are allowed to exit or enter. When we talk about a physical access control system, it is usually referred to as an electronic security system. These use an access card as an identifier to authorize the staff or employees to enter specific areas in the commercial property. And, as they’re capable of being logged, they can provide valuable and informative data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used.

One of the main purposes of any business managing in a proper workplace is to enhance quality safety which we term as commercial building access control where each entity has unique safety requirements. In this locking system, the office staff, employees, contractors, visitors, clients, other crew, etc are allowed access through the access control system in an efficient manner.


At Lock and Key Expert, we have various access control products and top-quality installation of access control systems that offer possible solutions addressing the business’s specific security requirements. Our commercial locksmith will help you with access control systems, panic bars, automatic door closers, and various advanced locks to make you feel secure every time..

What is Electronic Access Control?


Earlier, the businesses used traditional and conventional locking systems and master key systems. Such a conventional system was challenging as keeping a track of physical keys & changing lock systems were difficult to manage. Furthermore, with customary master key systems, there is no proper entry and exit audit trail for the businesses , though this control system is ideal for small business that contain fewer entry and exit doors but not suitable for large businesses.

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Keyless Access Control System:

Keyless access control system wipes out the need for physical locks and the entries and exits are limited to sensitive areas like meeting zone, storage department, garages, warehouse, conference hall, etc with the help of keypads, card readers, biometric devices, etc

Access control systems also allow audit trails of the staff members involved by keeping e-track of every record as to the time and place of entry and exits through the doors or gates. This process helps the entire business to find out the identity of any visitor particularly using the door on duty or off duty. In addition to this, the audit trail helps provide the other valuable data about all visitors in areas like the duration of their stay in the office and the exact time they enter/exit.

Why go for Lock and Key Expert?

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Our professional locksmiths will come to your office building  in order to take care of the problem just within an hour. We offer top-quality access control systems and our team strives to fulfill your requirements with the best fit for you to achieve a confident sense of security.  

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