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Headquartered in Wisconsin, Master Lock is a prominent manufacturer of security products. For almost a century, Master Lock has been establishing new benchmarks in quality. In 2002, the manufacturer launched its Titanium Series of padlocks that bagged the Industrial Design Excellence award for that year. Equipped with modern features, locks by Master Lock are designed to withstand brute force.

No matter how advanced the Master Lock model that you are using, if it is not installed properly, it woudl fail to serve its purpose. Given the complex design of these advanced locks, hiring an amateur for installation projects is a recipe for disaster. No one understands this better than us. We have a team of expert locksmiths with a hands-on experience of working on Master Lock high security locks.For us, keeping track of the latest industry developments is more of a hobby than a professional obligation.

Rekeying vs replacing locks

Rekeying locks

Rekeying a lock involves replacing old pins and springs in the cylinder with new ones. A new key is also provided. Unless they are malfunctioning, most old locks can be rekeyed. One of the most common reasons to rekey locks is maintaining key control after the property changes hand. If you are buying an old property, not rekeying locks would expose you to security risks, as there are chances that the previous owner might have shared the key with multiple people.

Additionally, if you are moving to a single builder community, consider getting all the locks rekeyed. In such communities, while homeowners have their own keys (which prevents the use of the contractor’s key), there are master pins left in the lock. Rekeying removes these master pins, thereby lowering the chances of another key operating the lock.

There are many benefits of rekeying locks. When working on a rekeying project, our experts conduct a thorough examination of the locking system to get a clear picture regarding its condition. We troubleshoot any problems that we find. These problems, if not addressed in a timely fashion, can snowball into major concerns, often forcing the homeowner to replace the lock. When rekeying your locks, we lubricate every part thoroughly, which helps ensure a flawless performance.

Replacing locks

If the lock is in bad shape and seems beyond repair, we will have to replace it with a new one. Some homeowners may want their lock to be replaced for purely aesthetic reasons. Below are some key things to consider when choosing a new lock

Place of Installation

When choosing a lock, consider whether you want to install it on an exterior or interior door. If you want to secure an exterior door, look for a lock that is fashioned from stronger, highly durable components and is capable of offering a higher level of security.

Opening method

Modern locks use a variety of opening methods. While some locks can be opened only using a key, others require the person requesting access to type a particular combination (or password). When choosing a lock, think about the opening method that best suits your needs.

How the lock will be installed

While many locks can be installed on your existing door, some high-security door locks would necessitate an overhaul of the locking system. Others may not work until you install a new door. Before buying a lock, consult our experts to understand how it will be installed. We can also advise you on the best solution according to your needs.


When buying a lock, aesthetics is the last thing that comes to many people’s minds. Make sure your lock’s finish complements the appearance of your doors. Some common finishes to choose from are matte, brass, chrome, and bronze.
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