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When you are locked out of your home and you need a spare key made, you don’t want to entrust the job to someone you don’t know. What you need in this emergency situation is a trustworthy locksmith with a reputation for efficient, reliable service. That’s exactly why you should all us at Lock and Key Expert, Fairway. 

A locally operated company that is family owned, we believe in earning the trust of our customers by providing impeccable services. But that’s not all, we ensure that all our professional emergency locksmiths are hired only after a thorough background check with their credentials verified meticulously before they can join our team. That means when you have a Lock and Key Expert at your service, you can leave your spare key making or lock repair to them without any anxiety.

Any lock and key problem, one solution!

We are equipped to handle the whole host of lock and key problems. Do you have a faulty main door lock that won’t open or close?? Do you have a key stuck in your car’s ignition? Is the lock of your home too old to be used?? Are you thinking about upgrading the security lock at your office?? We can handle any of this and more for you.

Our mobile vans are stationed all across Fairway just so we can reach your location within the shortest possible time when you have an emergency situation. If you need spare keys for your home office or cars, we will deliver it to you within a short time. Most of our customers have their problem resolved within the hour by our Lock and Key Expert. We offer the fastest lock and key services in all of Fairway. Try us out and you can verify this for yourself.

If your high-end car uses a transponder key or unique type of key and you need a spare, we will handle that for you too. Our technicians are trained and qualified to handle all manner of car keys no matter how typical or high end. Just call us when you have lost the keys to your vehicle and we will bring you a spare key and also ensure that your old key can no longer open the door to your expensive car.
If you have been told by your regular locksmith that a job can’t be done, it is time to call us in. You will be pleasantly surprised at how efficiently our professionals can resolve such ‘impossible’ lock and key issues.

Affordable services

We are committed to giving you the best possible service you can get in Fairway when you call in a lock and key expert. That’s why our professional locksmiths will only give you the most objective advice when you call us in for a lock replacement. If it can be repaired, our professionals will tell you so and effect repairs so that the lock is as good as new. 

If a replacement is inevitable, they will lay out all the possible options for you and then help you find the perfect fit in line with your budget and your security needs. Once you have made your decision, they will also install the lock for you, test it and leave only when you are perfectly satisfied with the lock and its functioning. At Lock and Key Experts, our services are priced affordably so that replacing or repairing your locks or getting spare keys made does not burn a hole in your pockets at all. Budget friendly pricing for top notch service- that’s what you get when you rely on Lock and Key Expert services in Fairway.

When you need locksmith near you, call us.

We provide locksmith services to the following zip codes: 66205
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