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Almost 2.5 million burglaries are reported every year. Securing your home should rank high in your priority list. If a burglar decides to force their way into your property when you are home, you can raise an alarm or take other retaliatory actions to repel the attack. But what happens when you’re not home? To minimise the risk of getting caught, most burglars choose the time of the day when no one’s at home.

When you’re outside, your door locks are your sentinels. An effective locking system is a potent deterrent discouraging burglars from targeting your property. We recommend installing locks by U.S. Lock. The USP of these locks is that they contain more metal than many other locks by competitors. A renowned supplier of security hardware, U.S. Lock has a range of locks designed to meet the varied needs of homeowners.

\We know the ins and outs of locking systems by U.S. Lock. Equipped with a diverse experience of working on different models, our experts can help you with lock installation, replacement, and repair.

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Lock installation

We have an extensive experience in installing locks by U.S. Lock. Our experts know the mechanisms of different types of locks like the back of their hand. During installations, some essential ingredients for success are listed below.

Ensuring proper orientation

Faulty orientation can impact the effectiveness of your locking system. As experts, we understand this. To avoid installation errors before finalizing screws, we ensure that the mechanism is oriented accurately on the faceplate.

Avoiding drilling errors

When drilling holes, one wrong step can alter the appearance of the door. We know this betetr than anyone and take various precautions such as switching sides at regular intervals, which helps avoid splintering.

Following manufacturer’s instructions

Before starting to install a deadbolt lock, we make it a point to go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Most manufacturers require that the lock be installed at a particular height off the ground. We never alter this measurement, except if the door is made of solid wood, in which case a higher distance may improve its resistance.

Ensuring proper alignment

When installing a deadbolt lock, the importance of ensuring the proper alignment cannot be emphasized enough. To ensure your deadbolt works effectively, our experts will make sure that the hole on the door and door jamb are aligned with each other.

Measuring from the bevel

To ensure the door closes correctly with the jamb, we measure the backseat center mark for the deadbolt from the on-beveled side. Measuring from the beveled edge can result in a discrepancy causing the lock to malfunction.

Lock repair

A malfunctioning lock can put a big question mark on your security and is a matter of concern. Our experts have studied the problems impacting locks by U.S. Lock extensively. Below are some common door lock problems that we troubleshoot on a regular basis

Improper latching

If your door knob lock does not latch properly, there are good chances that the latch and the strike plate are misaligned. To address this problem, we first tighten the hinge screws and then adjust the strike plates. For more serious problems, we might have to reposition the door.

Loose door knobs

Door knobs get loose over time. Depending on the type of lockset you have, our experts will come up with an action plan to address the problem. If the spindle or the lockset is worn, we replace the worn part.

Broken key stuck in the door knob

Dislodging a broken key stuck in a door knob can be a tricky task. We use needle-nose pliers for the job. If this does not work, we might have to change the cylinder.
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