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Locksmith Services for Schlage Locks

Schlage has evolved since its inception in 1920 to the present day almost a century later. From being just a lock manufacturer, the brand has expanded to include a cylinder lock line and high-tech security systems. Schlage has come a long way over the years, and with new technology also comes the need for upgrades, reprogramming, and sometimes re-installment.

If you need a Schlage lock repair or a Schlage keypad reprogrammed, Lock and Key Expert is you best option in the Lenexa area. As a trusted and experienced team of locksmiths, we have all the qualifications and skills to repair Schlage locks. Schlage locks come with a sophisticated locking system that our locksmiths understand well. Lock and Key Expert locksmiths can diagnose the problem with your Schlage lock and carry out the required repairs without any delay.
Unfortunately, even state-of-the-art security systems like those of Schlage can have problems. When that happens, you need to get your Schlage locks replaced or repaired. That’s when you call us. You could of course call a Schlage dealer, but there is a chance that they can’t get to you on time or are closed for the day. Perhaps even your warranty has expired or their rates are too high.

Lock and Key expert can give you an identical level of service and we come to you wherever you are in Lenexa at any time of the day.

A trusted locksmith service for Schlage lock replacement

Some problems your Schlage security system could face include the following:

  • Installing the Schlage lock by yourself could be a bit tricky.
  • Installing the keypad might also need professional help.
  • You may need to reset your security code.
  • The bracket does not fit correctly to match the lock.
  • The Thumbturn of the deadbolt lock won’t turn.
  • Problems with the spring-loaded latch.
  • Problems with the electronic keypad.
  • Problems with physical keys.

After the five-year warranty period has passed, you will need to pay for your Schlage lock repairs. Lock and Key Expert gives you the most professional service for your Schlage locks at a more reasonable rate than a dealer. We are a locally owned and run locksmith business and have become a trusted name among the residents of Lenexa. If you experience any of these problems with your Schlage lock or some issue that isn’t listed here, you can always call us for your Schlage security system repairs.

We come fully equipped with all the right tools and technology to help with Schlage repairs you might require. If you have lost your key and need to get your Schlage locks replaced, we can certainly help with that. Even if your key broke and you need a new Schlage key made, we’re here to assist at all times. Additionally, if your Schlage electronic security system is malfunctioning, we’re able to reset and reprogram it for you.

How we work at Lock and Key Expert

For all your Schlage lock repairs and Schlage key replacements, all you need to do is give us a call. Our fleet of locksmith vans are always on standby and the one nearest to you will be dispatched. Our trained and trusted team will promptly reach you and assess the problem with your Schlage lock.

With the tools and equipment that the locksmith brings along in the van, he/she will be able to get started on repairs right away. We use all original parts and already have enough stock with us so that we don’t have to wait till the part arrives.
We run a background check on all our locksmiths and are proud to inform you that your safety and security are in the best hands.

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