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No reason is good enough to ignore lock and key problems. A malfunctioning lock is an open invitation to burglars. Consider getting a dysfunctional lock repaired or replaced a priority. To get a swift resolution to your problem, register a service request with us and we will ensure that your lock and key nightmare is short lived.

When it comes to troubleshooting lock and key problems, a one-size-fits-all approach falls flat on its face. We understand this and work with experts with extensive experience with solving lock and key solutions. These highly trained professionals understand the mechanism and functioning of different systems and have a solution to all your problems no matter how complex or unique they are.

Residential and commercial door lock repair services

A malfunctioning or broken lock is a recipe for disaster. You may not realize it, but burglars are always on the prowl, marking homes and businesses with inefficient locking systems. To avoid becoming a soft target, you must get your door lock issues addressed before it’s too late.

We understand the gravity of the situation. Our mobile teams patrol key locations in Roeland Park continuously. When our customer-care representatives get a service request, they forward the case to the team closest to the customer’s location by using GPS to track the customer’s location.

Once our team reaches the customer’s location, it examines different parts of the door lock such as the cylinder, bolt, and strike plate. We understand the inconvenience a broken lock can cause and do our best to come up with a solution in the minimum possible time.

Residential and commercial door lock installation services

Door lock installation is a job best left to an expert locksmith. Improper installation can open a Pandora’s Box of troubles. There are various things to be considered before and during installation. Additionally, you cannot afford to go wrong with measurements.

To avoid any confusion and ensuing chaos, our experts divide the entire project into simple, easy-to-understand steps. Equipped with an extensive hands-on experience of managing door lock installation projects, these experts are well aware of common installation problems and take a number of precautionary measures to ensure a flawless execution. Once the door lock is installed successfully, our experts conduct various tests to ensure it is working the way it should.

Residential and commercial door lock replacement services

Confused whether you should get your existing lock rekeyed or opt for a new one? We can help you make an informed decision. In case the homeowner has recently moved into the property or has lost a copy of their original key, we usually suggest rekeying the existing lock. Rekeying can also be an ideal option for homeowners who use different keys for different locks and want all of them to match a single key.

Replacing an old lock with a new one can be an ideal option for homeowners who want to give their doors a makeover. If you want to upgrade your security, we suggest replacing your old locks with new, more advanced ones. We can also help you choose the best lock according to your needs.

Replacing an old lock with a new one can be a tricky task. The expert has to first remove the old lock and then install a new one in place. With our expert locksmiths by your side, you don’t have to stress. Our team follows the necessary protocols and plans everything in advance to avoid last-minute confusions.

Automotive locksmith services

Lost your car keys and need a copy of your original keys? Our experts can help. Equipped with the tools of the trade, our team will come up with a solution that works for you.

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We provide locksmith services to the following zip codes: 66205, 66202

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