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For complete peace of mind use locks by Mul-T-Lock

Your locking system is the heart and soul of your home’s security system. While an effective locking system is a potent burglar deterrent, a malfunctioning or substandard locking system fails miserably at its task. Keeping your best interests in mind, we bring to you locks by Mul-T- Lock – a leader in locking solutions.

Our team of experts has hands-on experience in installing, replacing, and repairing locks by Mul-T-Lock. We know a thing or two about the functioning and design of these locks and are prepared to face any challenge head-on. We hate jumping to conclusions and conduct various tests to get to the root cause of the problem. Once the issue is diagnosed, we come up with a sustainable solution to the problem. It is this methodical and pragmatic approach that helps us maintain a healthy success rate.

Why use locks by Mul-T-Lock?

Mul-T-Lock is a renowned manufacturer of high security locks. The company sells more than two million products every year. Over the years, Mul-T-Lock has set new quality benchmarks. The locking solutions by the manufacturer are known for their high bump resistance. Below are some other reasons why leading financial and retail companies and governmental organizations of the world use Mul-T-Lock products.

Built to face any challenge

Mul-T-Lock is not one of the leading locking solutions companies in the world without good reason. The Israeli manufacturer uses state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture high precision security solutions. Before being cleared for sale, every unit has to go through a stringent quality test.

Deadbolts by Mul-T-Lock are known for their high force resistance. Mul-T-Lock deadbolts use multiple bolts made from durable, hardened steel. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used, these deadbolts are more than capable of repelling drilling attempts and brute force attacks.

Duplication is next to impossible

One of the basic problems with conventional locks is that they can be replicated easily. Mul-T-Lock uses advanced technology to address this problem. Locks by Mul-T-Lock can be replicated only by authorised dealers. Homeowners who need a copy of their lock will first have to show their official key order card.

Adaptability to existing hardware

Are you putting your plans to change your locking mechanism on hold just because you don’t want to lose your hardware? If yes, a high security lock by Mul-T-Lock can be an ideal choice. Security solutions by Mul-T-Lock come with a specially-designed cylinder that can work with hardware from different manufacturers. We remove the core of your existing lock and replace it with the oen belonging to a high security solution by Mul-T-Lock.

High resistance to key copying apps

Key copying apps allow you to design a copy of any key. All you need to do is click a picture of the lock you want to replicate. The information captured by the system can be used to design an identical copy of the original key.

Lately, burglars have started using key copying apps extensively. While a conventional lock can be easily replicated using this technology, high security locks by Mul-T-Lock can only be emulated by authorised dealers.

Double sided locking deadbolts offer enhanced security

If you use sidelights, opting for a high security solution by Mul-T-Lock can make a huge difference to your home security. Unlike conventional locks, Mul-T-Locks come with double sided locking deadbolts, making it extremely difficult for a burglar to gain access to your property.

We are your friendly Mul-T-Lock experts

 To get the most out of your Mul-T-Lock, you need an expert by you side – a professional who understands the ins and outs of these advanced locking systems.We have handled several installations, repair, and replacement projects till date. Equipped with the right skills, our experts relish challenges that push them to their limits.

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