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There are all kinds of lock brands out there in the world, but only a few can compete with the likes of Norton. Norton Door Controls are a class apart, offering the best door controls you can find in the market today. The brand is also known for its comprehensive range of door controls that are deigned and developed to offer superior door control performance and reliability.

Norton, as a trusted door control manufacturer, came into being in 1880 thanks to the great Lewis C. Norton. Initially, the company went by the name of Norton Door Check Company and was the first to manufacture and market commercial door closers. Even though the mechanism was complex, the door closers did what they had to do, which is to adjust the door’s sweep speed.

Over the years, Norton Door Controls kept improving its products and made a name for itself. The brand fine-tuned the rack and pinion closer and the valve-controlled backcheck for hydraulic door closers.

The company has been involved in a host of other innovations as well. These include door closers of all kinds, such as narrow style, adjustable backcheck, aluminium body, special application arms, and speed adjustments.

Norton Door Controls are designed and developed to offer top notch performance, application breadth, and reliability. Today, Norton even offers overhead-concealed, industrial economy, commercial, traditional surface, and architectural-grade closers. But the good stuff doesn’t just end here.

Norton even offers a varied range of arms to assist with frame protection and enhanced door protection.

Product Categories

Norton Door Closers are divided into 3 primary categories. We will try to discuss some of the products falling under these categories.
  • Mechanical Closers and Accessories
  • Electromechanical Closers
  • Low Energy Operators
Under “Mechanical Closers and Accessories”, we have Surface Closers that provide constant control of the door throughout the closing and opening cycle. There are a ton of Surface Closers to choose from. Then there are Cam Action Closers, which are designed to offer a high level of efficiency for slide track applications compared to standard rack and pinion door closers. These door closers are also far less resistive with regards to opening. Overhead Concealed Closers are perfect for scenarios where a closer is necessary, but so is the concealment of the frame header. Under “Electromechanical Closers”, Norton offers 3 products: The 7100SZ Series SafeZone® 7200 Series, The 7200 Series Electromechanical Closer/Holder, and The 7700PT Power Track®. Each of these products boast advanced features that help them carry out the necessary functions.

Why Choose Norton Door Controls?

There are several reasons to choose Norton Door Controls. They have been in the business for so long that they’re pretty much the trendsetter when it comes to high quality door controls.

Their solutions are reliable and they also boast high performance. In other words, they’re worth the money you spend on them. Each door closer is designed for specific use case scenarios, which means that your home or office can be fitted with a tailored solution.

Norton guarantees the protection of your door hardware and property.

The range of door closers offered by Norton is impeccable. Whether your requirements are heavy or minimal, Norton has a solution just for you. With Norton, you can be sure of lifelong performance, safety, efficiency, and reliability. There are only a handful of brands out there today that can promise this.

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