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Baldwin Door Locks came into existence in 1946, thanks to Severin Fayerman. Today, they’re one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality door locks. Baldwin doors locks stand out owing to the fact that the company follows a meticulous process to bring them into existence.
Let’s take a brief look at how things are done at Baldwin.

Every product made by Baldwin starts of as a raw bar of solid brass. Baldwin chooses brass since it is a durable and dependable metal. Another unique feature is that it resists corrosion. Also, Baldwin doesn’t just work with any run-of-the-mill brass. Their materials are carefully selected.
Hold any brass Baldwin hardware in your hand and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The hardware is bound to be heavier and more robust. It is also much smoother than anything else you’ve seen in the market so far.
The next step of the process involves transforming the brass into actual hardware. The method used for this is time-tested and very old. It’s called heat forging, which involves beating or pounding the metal into a special die.
This method is drastically different from casting. The work is far more intensive and the attention to detail is of utmost importance, making the result a stronger and more durable hardware.
Before the hardware reaches the finishing stage, it undergoes something called trimming. Operators use a stamping press to trim all the extra metal left after the forging process. After this, the surface of the brass hardware is ground by a machine to eliminate any signs of oxidation. This results in the hardware developing its signature smooth, shiny surface.
Finally, you have all the finishing touches applied to the hardware. This includes 20 unique finishes ranging from glossy to matter. Also, depending on your exact requirements, the hardware will go through further to achieve the desired look.

Baldwin Lock Repair

So we’ve established just how great Baldwin locks are.  It’s only natural that the best locks require the best repair experts when things go wrong. So where can you find Baldwin lock repair services in Lenexa?

Well, you just come to Lock and Key Expert. We are one of the most trusted Baldwin Lock Repair Services in Lenexa. We provide consistent and reliable services that have allowed us to earn a reputation of being the best.

We provide you with exactly the same services offered by Baldwin lock repair experts, but at a much a lower price point. Baldwin locks may be high-tech, but our lock repair professionals in Lenexa are some of the best in the industry. These are people who’ve been around locks all their lives and know exactly what to do.

They have years of experience and are aware of every possible problem. In fact, we have a team that specialized in Baldwin lock repairs. They know their way around almost every Baldwin lock and will solve your problems in a jiffy.

For instance, if you need a Baldwin key replacement or Baldwin lock installation, our experts will solve your problem in no time. At Lock and Key Expert, we have templates for every Baldwin key ever made and we also happen to sell Baldwin products. So you’ll never have to worry about finding the right parts.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Lock and Key Expert. We sell and repair Baldwin locks and other Baldwin hardware. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are able to handle almost any Baldwin lock and key issues.

Just book an appointment with us and our experts will show up at your doorstep to analyse the issue. If possible, they’ll even fix it on the same day.

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