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ASSA ABLOY has every type of lock from mechanical locks and electromechanical locks to electronic locks and digital door locks. ASSA ABLOY may have only been around for 25 years, but its parent companies ASSA and ABLOY have been there for a lot longer. ASSA ABLOY has evolved into a company that produces some of the most hi-tech locking systems on the market.

Famed for their door locks and security solutions, we’re sure that your ASSA ABLOY locks give you a sense of safety. These locks are of great quality, but every now and then, even an ASSA ABLOY lock can have a problem. From something as simple as forgetting your keys or your lock not locking when you need to secure your house, you could find yourself in need of ASSA ABLOY lock repairs.

Residents of Lenexa, Kansas have a great place where they can get their ASSA ABLOY locks repaired, which is right here at Lock and Key Expert. We are a locksmith service that specializes in ASSA ABLOY lock repairs, and we do it the right way. Our staff is fully trained in the working of ASSA ABLOY locks and have been taught how to operate the right tools to perform repairs. We also provide our staff with the latest technology so that they can deliver high quality locksmith services.

Lock and Key Expert with ASSA ABLOY locks

If you are wondering if we can be trusted with your ASSA ABLOY lock repairs, let us tell you a little more about ourselves. We are a Lenexa-based locksmith business. Over the years of serving the people of Lenexa and surrounding areas, we have earned a reputation of being trustworthy, efficient, and professional. We specialize in the repairs of several well-known lock brands including ASSA ABLOY.

You might need ASSA ABLOY lock repairs if you find that your door lock is jammed or the lock has been damaged due to impact. You could also need an ASSA ABLOY key replacement if you have lost your key or accidentally locked yourself out of your home. There are times when you urgently need your ASSA ABLOY lock to be picked or your ASSA ABLOY digital door lock reprogrammed. For any of these problems and more, you can drop in a call at Lock and Key Expert.

We’re able to not only fix almost all sorts of problems with ASSA ABLOY locks, but we can do it at a cheaper rate than an ASSA ABLOY dealer. You will find our services very convenient as we come to your location no matter where in Lenexa you are based. We are also available at hours of the day when you might not find another locksmith open for business. We also have an emergency locksmith service if you need an ASSA ABLOY key

Calling Lock and Key Expert for an ASSA ABLOY security system repair

At Lock and Key Expert, we have a mobile locksmith service. Several of our vans located across the city are fully equipped with all the tools, tech, and original lock parts and key templates that we could need. When you call us, the van closest to you is dispatched and a fully qualified, experienced, and courteous locksmith will be assigned to you.

As soon as the problem has been diagnosed, our locksmith carries out your ASSA ABLOY lock repairs or ASSA ABLOY key replacement with utmost professionalism. You will have access to your home again in the shortest time possible. Our locksmiths have all passed background checks and can be trusted with your safety and security.

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