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Is your malfunctioning Adams Rite lock giving you sleepless nights? Let us help

Known for its innovative high-security locks and other security solutions, Adams Rite is a force to be reckoned with in the lock manufacturing industry. MS Lock, one of Adams Rite’s leading products, is used by families and businesses around the world. The manufacturer has a wide range of security solutions including deadlatches, electrical strikes, electromagnetic deadlocks, and exit devices.

Whether you need Adams Rite locks installed or have a malfunctioning lock that’s giving you sleepless nights, we can help. We employ a team of Adams Rite specialists that has helped various homeowners and businesses get rid of their lock and key issues. We are licensed and bonded. As a leading locksmith, we have taken it upon ourself to ensure the safety of our community. Our commitment, dedication, and expertise in troubleshooting Adams Rite lock issues are a few reasons why we are the preferred locksmith in Lenexa.

Why use Adams Rite products?

High security locks by Adams Rite feature advanced designs and use state-of-the-art technology to secure buildings. All products manufactured by Adams Rite meet national and global safety and access codes. Adams Rite proves every property owner who thinks locks have to be necessarily ugly and bulky wrong. Electrified access control products by the manufacturer are not only ahead of their time in terms of the technology used, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need a copy of your original Adams Rite lock or want to get a new lock installed or an old one replaced, all roads lead to us.

A few door lock maintenance tips

Locks do not fail overnight. Years of neglect and rough use can impact the structural integrity and functioning of a locking system. Locks, like other mechanical devices, require regular maintenance to perform their role flawlessly. Most locks have a service life of seven years that can be cut short if the property owner fails to care for the locking system.

Monitoring your locking system is no rocket science. Below are some simple yet effective tips to ensure your locks work flawlessly for years to come.

Check and adjust strike plates and screws at regular intervals

Make sure at least one screw securing the top hinge to the door frame is long enough to link the door to the framing around it. To increase break-in resistance, add a long screw (measuring at least three inches) to each hinge. The long screw should be located close to the center of the wall.

Check your deadlatch and deadbolt at regular intervals

Modern locks have an important built-in security feature that prevents the deadlatch from falling into the strike plate. The security feature won’t work if the deadbolt is not properly aligned with the strike plate. Check for broken deadlatches at regular intervals, as they’re one of the most common reasons behind lock failures. When you close the door, the deadbolt should operate freely and its hole should be deep enough to allow the bolt to extend freely.

Clean and lubricate locks regularly

Before starting to clean your lock, go through the manufacturer’s instructions. While some manufacturers warn against using anything else other than a damp cloth, others are okay with using a mild detergent. Never use petroleum-based products or abrasive cleaners.

After cleaning your locking systems, do not forget to lubricate them. Use dry lubricants such as Teflon or Graphite lubricants to lubricate your locks. Spray a few drops of the lubricant onto the keyway. Next, insert the key inside the lock and move it in and out multiple times. For more thorough cleaning and lubrication, remove the lock from the door to apply lubricant to the latch.

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