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We are your one stop shop for Abus high security locking solutions

Based in Wetter-Volmarstein, Abus is a leading manufacturer of preventive security technology. Burglars hate and homeowners love high security locks by Abus. The German manufacturer is credited with designing and manufacturing locks that use advanced technology to keep uninvited guests out.

Our team of experts has an extensive hands-on experience working on Abus locking systems. Whether you’re facing a normal issue or are bogged down by a complex problem, we got you covered. Our mobile units are deployed at strategic locations to ensure expert help is never too far from you when you need it the most.

Why Abus high security locking solutions?

Abus has been designing and manufacturing high precision security solutions for almost a century now. Products by the German manufacturer are easy to use, have a long service life, and offer effective resistance against break-in attempts. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products. Known for their reliability, these products are used by businesses and families around the world.

We are your Abus experts

You will come across various locksmiths who claim to be Abus experts. However, once you start asking them difficult questions, they disappear without a trace. We, on the other hand, encourage our customers to ask questions. Helping homeowners vanquish their lock and key nightmares is our primary business objective.

Instead of making unrealistic promises and false claims, we let our work do the talking. Below are some reasons why several homeowners and businesses using Abus security solutions trust us.

Extensive experience

Our experts have a hands-on experience of working on Abus home and business security solutions. Our teams handle a number of lock repair, installation, and replacement projects on a regular basis. No matter the nature and extent of the problem you are facing, with us by your side, a sustainable solution to your lock and key nightmare is never out of reach.

In addition to troubleshooting Abus locking systems, we repair and install locks by other leading manufacturers. The experience of working on multiple platforms and systems broadens our horizons. When a tried and tested method fails to produce a sustainable solution to a tricky problem, we always have the option to try reliable troubleshooting methods we use to address problems that plague systems by other brands.


We have studied high security locking solutions by Abus extensively and know the functioning and design of different locking systems like the back of our hand. It is this knowledge along with our experience that gives us a competitive edge over other locksmiths.

Just like a battle-hardened soldier who knows what to expect on a battlefield, our experts are well aware of the challenges that await them when they reach the client’s location. To take the bull by the horns, our experts equip themselves with the tools of the trade.

Specialised equipment

Abus is known for designing and manufacturing complex and technologically-advanced locks. Whether you have an installation project or want to get a solution to a malfunctioning Abus lock, remember that in many (especially tricky) cases, you would require high precision tools for the job. We understand this and invest in both traditional and specialised equipment. To ensure you don’t have to wait too long for a solution, we equip our mobile vans with conventional and specialised equipment.

Range of services

We are your one-stop shop for everything Abus. Whether you want to get a new Abus lock installed or have doubts regarding the efficacy of your existing system and want to get it replaced, we got your covered. To get a solution to your problems, all you need to do is call our office and schedule an appointment.

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