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If you are looking for a locking system that combines time-tested design with cutting-edge technology, Sargent locks deserve your attention. Sargent is a renowned manufacturer of locksets, exit devices, door closers, and access control systems. Sargent has been redefining quality benchmarks for more than two centuries now. The manufacturer’s 30-acre manufacturing plant is home to some of the most advanced equipment that money can buy. In 1996, Sargent was acquired by ASSA ABLOY. The manufacturer uses advanced technology and time-tested processes to design and manufacture high security locks.

We are your Sargent experts. No matter the seriousness and nature of your problem, we got you covered. Nothing surprises our team of Sargent lock experts.

Equipped with extensive experience, these professionals have seen everything. Whether you have a frozen door lock or are facing latch problems, we got your covered. As one of the leading locksmiths in Lenexa, we are committed to ensuring that a malfunctioning lock does not turn your world upside down. Our mobile units are stationed at different parts of the city and are always well-equipped and alert to respond to service requests.

Hiring a Sargent expert to troubleshoot lock problems can make all the difference

Locks by Sargent are not your run-of-the-mill products. High security locks by the manufacturer feature innovative designs and use advanced technology which only an expert with extensive training and expertise can understand. Amateurs simply don’t stand a chance. Our Sargent experts have not only studied but also worked extensively on Sargent locking systems and are both capable and willing to face any challenge that comes their way.

Some major locking system issues you shouldn’t ignore

Loose handles, locks, and latches

Did you know that more than 58 percent of home break-ins are of the forceable entry kind? A loose lock or latch makes the job of breaking into your property easier for a burglar who is determined to not let any opportunity pass by. If you’re using your door lock as a fire door lock, you have to be extra cautious as loose fire door locks can be a fire hazard. Additionally, a door with a loose door lock cannot be opened easily, which can result in people getting locked in or out of the room or the building.

Misaligned locks

A lock is said to be misaligned when the latch or bolt does not line up with the strike plate. Some reasons behind misaligned locks are improper installation (one more reasons to consult an expert) and warping doors or door frames. A misaligned lock makes it extremely difficult to operate the door, exposing you to security issues, which is why you must get the problem fixed immediately.

Jammed locks

Ignoring a jammed lock can be a costly mistake. Instead of waiting for the issue to worsen, act swiftly and consult an expert immediately after spotting the problem. Often times, the culprit behind a jammed lock is a broken latch or bolt. Debri build-up in the internal parts can also give rise to this problem. Whatever be the reason, we have a solution that ticks all the right boxes.

Rotating lock cylinder

If your entire lock cylinder turns when you insert the key in your lock, you have a major issue at hand and should consult an expert locksmith immediately. A rotating lock cylinder can impact the way your door is locked, exposing you to security issues. In many cases, the victim behind a rotating lock cylinder is a damaged or loose set screw. To get to the exact cause of the problem, our experts conduct various tests and come up with a solution based on their findings.
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